"WORST OF HAIRMETAL 1980-1992" - Worst of? Well... there's no point adding the really "obscure" hairmetal releases. They were (more or less) rubbish in the first place anyhow, thus why the CD's are scarce and people are paying stoopid $$$ for them at eBay. Nope, you won't find the likes of Boycott, Brinx, CCCP, Radioactive Cats, Rock Candy, Steffaine, Tarzen, etc, etc. I'd literally have to add 100's and 100's of them. This is merely crap albums by so-called "semi-famous" and/or the "MTV famous" hairmetal artists of the golden era of 1980 to 1992. This is a work-in-progress project as I'm sure I forgot about plenty of stuff. ATTENTION!: Please keep in mind that I really do like/enjoy/luv many of these acts other releases, or/and many many other acts from this era of hardrock, it's NOT meant to be a slag at the entire genre of "hairmetal".

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

ROSE TATTOO: "Beats from A Single Drum" (1986)

Hairmetal??? Angry Andersson is a friggin' skinhead in the old tradition and style. Send 'em to the thunderdome and let Mad Max have a go at this poor, poor, release. So what if you're three feet tall and bald as an american eagle? That's no excuse for the ozzies to come up with "hairmetal" tunes such as these. Strangely enough, Angry did a fine solo-album in the very early nineties. Then again, all songs by Mike Slamer (City Boy, Streets, Steelheart Lane). Try any other Rose Tattoo album (they're hardly "classics" tho').

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